Sunday, 30 March 2014

Olay Regenerist Super 10 Minute Miracle Primer

Olay recently added a new product to their anti-aging Regenerist range - Super 10 Minute Miracle is a primer, which acts to prep the skin for makeup whilst filling in fine lines, softening wrinkles, and giving the skin a silky smooth texture.  It's not just cosmetic, either - it contains skincare ingredients to fight wrinkles over time too.

The question is - does it work?  I applied a dab to my bare skin and waited ten minutes to see the effects.

Left: before; right: after
On my early-30s skin, I can't see a huge difference, although if you look really, really closely, my emerging forehead lines and frown lines do look slightly softened.  The biggest draw for me was the texture of my skin after use - it had that super-silky feeling you get from a silicone based primer.  That's normally a warning sign that certain foundations are going to apply badly and rub off my skin in little strands, but I was pleased to find that none of my foundations reacted badly to this - all of them applied smoothly, and stayed in place longer too.

Overall, whilst I'm not entirely convinced by the wrinkle claims, I do like this as a primer - the fact that it has long term benefits puts it ahead of other primers.  At £19.99, it's on a par with high end primers from premium brands, but the 50ml pump contains a lot of product, protects it from light and the air, and dispenses tiny dabs at a time, meaning it'll last ages.  If you're looking for something with wrinkle-blurring, smoothing, skin-loving effects, it's definitely worth a try.

Find Olay's Super 10 Minute Miracle Primer now at Boots.

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