Monday, 31 March 2014

Models Own Sticky Fingers in Sweet Candy

Models Own have done it again - their new nail art kits are super easy to use thanks to the inclusion of some cute themed stickers.  The mini range is called Sticky Fingers, and it's made up of seven shades paired with five varieties of stickers.

I've been playing with Sweet Candy - a neutral taupe polish with the cutest sweets/cake/ice cream stickers - and whilst they're definitely easy to use, they're not for the impatient.

I used one large cupcake sticker on my index finger, which gathered a fair few compliments from the nail obsessed in my office.  Being terribly impatient, I only waited for my nails to be touch dry before I applied the sticker - and as a result, it's not sitting evenly on the nail, resulting in the two coats of topcoat I applied pooling a little around the edges of the sticker.  You can only see this pooling close up, but still - if I'd waited for the polish to be fully dry, I'd have a much neater looking manicure.

At £6, the Sticky Fingers polishes are a little more expensive than Models Own's usual polishes, because you're getting a little more than a bottle of nail varnish.  That said, you don't get a huge number of stickers, and if you decorate your nails liberally you'll only likely get three or four manicures out of a sheet before you run out.  If you use the odd sticker for an accent nail, you'll get far more.

As a cute alternative to difficult freehand nail art, or even to slightly fiddly water decals, these sticker polishes are brilliant.  It's just a shame you can't buy the stickers separately.  Find Sweet Candy and the rest of the Sticky Fingers gang at Models Own bottleshops and their website now.

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  1. I used the floral pastel green one last week and got lots of compliments - its very Cath Kidston. The colour is opaque in two coats - then apply the stickers - then a top coats (I used the Nails Inc Gel Finish one). It looked gorgeous. I could only wear it for three days before removing, and there was some minimal chipping on the tips.

    It would be nice to be able to get the stickers separately too...

  2. OMG!!! They are so cute! I wanna have one of these. This will def be in my purchase list.


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