Monday, 17 March 2014

Illamasqua Shattered Star Nail Varnish in Marquise and Trilliant

Last week I wrote about the new lipsticks Illamasqua has released as part of their new Glamore collection.  This week I have two of the three new nail shades to show you - all three have a new finish Illamasqua have termed Shattered Star, a super-sparkly, textured glitter finish.

Trilliant is a sparkling silver/taupe/rose, which really sits at the border between silver, pink and champagne.  Like Marquise, a super hot orange, it contains glitter particles in many sizes, giving a multi-faceted effect which is very, very sparkly in the sun.

As you can see, the glitter in this polish is textured - and even if you decide to try to smooth it out with a bit of topcoat, it will remain textured.  I tried to put topcoat atop Marquise and Trilliant, but they drank it up, and my nails looked the same as they had beforehand.  This is a polish that's meant to be worn textured.

Removal was comparatively easy for this polish - it did need a bit of soaking and scrubbing, but not half as much as I'd feared.  Wear was reasonable at three days before the tipwear became obvious - I'm putting this down to a lack of protective topcoat - and I certainly got a lot of comments whilst I was wearing it, particularly for the very hot, very sparkly, very eye-catching Marquise.

Illamasqua polishes seem to have been heading upwards in price over recent years - and the Shattered Star polishes are no exception at a whopping £15 each - nearly as much as my beloved YSL La Lacque Couture, which are £18.50 each.  Still, if you like a textured sparkling nail, you'll love these - and you'll find Marquise and Trilliant at the Illamasqua website now.

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