Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick in Soaked and Glissade

Illamasqua's latest collection, Glamore, is small but sweet when it comes to new products - three shades of super-sparkly textured Shattered Star nail polish (more on those later) and three shades of a new formula of lipstick.  Those of you who've tried Illamasqua's original lipsticks will know that they're highly pigmented, matte in finish, and often a little dry as a result.  These new Glamore lipsticks, though, boast a satin texture, with the same high pigmentation in a more comfortable, emollient formula.

Soaked, Glissade
I have two of the new lipstick shades to show you today - Soaked, a super bright orange, and Glissade, which is described as a bold pink.

 Soaked is a rich, vibrant orange - it has a bit of a glow which I've found very difficult to capture on camera.

It also clashes quite a bit with my hair.  Still wearable, though, if a little jarring!

Glissade reads a little more mauve-pink on me, and I like it for its cool undertones - very flattering.

Still a little bit of a clash, but not much.

The new formula is lovely - the lipsticks glide smoothly onto the lips with none of the dragging I've experienced with Illamasqua lipsticks in the past.  The pigmentation is still good, but it's not as intense as the matte formulas - the swatches above show a couple of passes over the lips, which gives plenty of colour payoff.  The satin formula has a slight sheen to it, and it's much, much more comfortable on the lip than the matte formula, although predictably it doesn't wear quite as well.  It's still pretty damn good for a satin finish lipstick, though - the colour lasted all day, albeit with quite a bit of even fading, becoming a bit dry on the lips after six hours or so.

The new Glamore lipsticks cost £16.50 each - expensive, yes, but still worthwhile for the pigmentation, the comfortable formula, and the uniqueness of the shades, particularly if you're in the market for a bright, bright orange.  Find out more about the Glamore range at the Illamasqua website now.

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