Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Disappointing: KIKO Rock Idol Lipstick Pencil in Rossetto

I have high expectations from KIKO nowadays, as a result of discovering some excellent and affordable products from their extensive range.  When this new Rock Idol Lipstick Pencil landed on my doormat, I was curious to see what KIKO would bring to the now-ubiquitous Chubby Stick format.  

Puzzlingly, my sample is labelled Rossetto, rather than Realistic Rosewood, which is what KIKO's website says shade 2 is called.  The format is pretty standard - twist up formula, shiny colour coded packaging, tapered crayon for easy application.

Unfortunately, I found myself somewhat underwhelmed by the results.  The crayon went on a bit dry, without the slip I've come to expect of lipsticks in this format.  Colour payoff was okay but not excellent, and the promised satin finish looks a little too matte and dry.  I kinda feel like this crayon is trying to be two things at once - semi-sheer colour, traditionally found with a juicy, glossy finish, and matte texture, traditionally found with high pigmentation.  Either way, it doesn't quite work, which is a damn shame, even at a mere £7.90.

Disclosure: PR sample

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  1. The colour doesn't look as vibrant on your lips as it does on the crayon. Shame this wasn't great. I am a big fan of lip crayons but I will give these a miss


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