Monday, 3 March 2014

Clinique rediscovers Calyx

Clinique has recently re-released an old favourite in the form of Calyx.  Originally produced by Prescriptives in the late 80s in a time of power suits and powerful, oriental fragrances - bursting with freshness, Calyx was literally a breath of fresh air.

On first spritz, it almost assaults the nose with freshness, with an almost fruity greenness which gets right up my nose and stays there.  The first few moments are almost overpowering, but wait a while and the fragrance settles down - it's still energising, but it's not smacking you round the face.  The freshness softens down a little and the greenery starts to take centre stage, combined with a slightly juicy, fruity edge which adds a touch of sweetness.

Surprisingly, as the perfume develops, there's a slightly woody heart in there, albeit still surrounded by freshness and greenery.  Those heart notes add a different dimension to the fragrance - I can't stop using the word 'greenery' to describe it, but it's so much more, thanks to the hint of fruit and the elusively subtle woody heart.  Some fragrances take me straight to a place, and this is one of them - if I could distill the scent of a rain-soaked forest in springtime, this would be it.  Fresh, green, earthy, gorgeous; despite my usual predilection for smoky oriental scents, this one's a winner.  Find it now on the Clinique website.

Disclosure:  PR sample

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