Wednesday, 5 March 2014

BUY THIS NOW: Girly Bits Nail Lacquer in Into the Night

I made an opportunistic Girly Bits order from Rainbow Connection the other day.  They sell out of the brand's super unique polishes very quickly, so I nabbed a good few whilst they were in stock briefly the other week.  Into the Night was the first I applied - and oh my!  It's amazing.  A black jelly base with tons of rainbow holographic particles, it catches the light like no-one's business and is SO very eyecatching.

I applied three coats above, and it's still a little soft thanks to the jelly-like base.  A coat or two applied on top of a solid black cream is much, much more striking.

Here it is in the bottle, with three friends I bought to keep it company.

Into the Night, I Hit My Bunny Phone, Sofa King Messy, Bawitdaba

At around £9 each, they're not cheap, but all four are pretty unique - I Hit My Bunny Phone in particular is a multichrome unlike anything I've ever seen before.  You'll find the range (when it's not sold out) at Rainbow Connection.

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  1. It might be £9 but gosh that glitter shade is gorgeous


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