Thursday, 20 March 2014

BUY THIS NOW: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipsticks in Personne ne Rouge, Frambourjoise, Nude-ist and Grand Cru

Bourjois have followed up the success of their Rouge Edition lipsticks with a new liquid variety - Rouge Edition Velvet.  Velvety textured, matte lips have been a bit of a thing recently, with brands such as Lime Crime and Topshop having a go - Bourjois are a little late to the party.

That said, these velvet liquid lipsticks are miles apart from the dry, difficult to apply Topshop ones I reviewed earlier this year.  The does foot applicator is the same (sadly one of mine turned out wonky, not that it got in the way of application), but the texture is completely different.  Rouge Edition Velvet has a light, almost gel-like texture which glides onto the lip and leaves a wash of colour which is strong enough, but not so strong that application has to be perfect.  For a matte lip colour, mostly in shades of red and deep pink, they're surprisingly forgiving.

Personne ne Rouge
Personne ne Rouge is a bright, sunny red.  It takes a little while to set down to full matte-ness, but when it does it still looks fresh and summery - perfect with a bit of bronzer and lots of mascara.

Frambourjoise is a more ruby, pink toned red, and it's my favourite of the bunch.  Like Personne ne Rouge, it takes a while to set down to its matte finish, and like Personne ne Rouge, it's an easy going, easy wearing red which will look great throughout spring and summer.

I wasn't expecting to like Nude-ist as much as I do - it's a beige toned mid pink, and makes a flattering nude pink on my skin.  It's also the most pigmented of the four colours I have, and sets down quickly to a matte finish with full coverage.

Grand Cru
 Grand Cru is a deep, moody red - it's a little more obviously red than the Personne ne Rouge and Frambourjoise, and works well as a sultry night-time colour.  If you like a retro makeup look, Grand Cru is a great colour to wear with flicky black liner.

Frambourjoise, my favourite!
And finally, Frambourjoise, my favourite, in the context of my full face.  It has similar tones to my hair, which is one of the reasons I like it so much!  

Wear time on these is excellent - I've been testing them out for the past week and I've averaged about five hours before the colour fades down.  If you're not inclined to top up, you'll get a more muted wash of colour that lasts the whole day, but if you want to maintain a vibrant lip, you'll need a reapplication during the day.  Despite the matte-ness, they're not drying on the lip - there's something about that texture which sets feather light.  I do find that once they set, they're a tiny bit sticky if you regularly smush your lips together (which I do), but nothing that seriously interferes with how wearable they are.

Overall, Bourjois' new velvet textured liquid lipsticks are the best compromise between pigmentation, matte finish and easy application I've yet tried - I'd highly recommend picking up one or two if you fancy trying the some matte colour without feeling it on your lips all day.  All four of these will be carried around with me in my lipstick bag for quite some time yet.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet will be released in April for a very reasonable £8.99 each, and you can join the waiting list at Boots for them now.  

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  1. They all look fabulous, especially Franbourjoise. I'm still working my way up to wearing bright lipstick but I love the look of the formula.

    1. The formula is very forgiving if you're looking for an easy intro to bold colour - it's hard to overapply, and very soft and wearable!

  2. Nice colors!


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