Tuesday, 18 February 2014

So Cute: Seventeen Cheek Stamps in Blushin# and The Cheek Of It

It's been a while since I tried any makeup from Boots' Seventeen range.  These Cheek Stamp blushes are a great way to get back into the brand, and have really highlighted that for all my lusting after high end brands, there are some truly innovative products on the high street.

The Cheek Stamps are a bit of a travel wonder, with everything you need for prettily flushed cheeks included in one package.  Once you've dismantled the boxes, the product within is encased in a curvy plastic compact, with a generously sized mirror on top.

Inside, you get a foamy spongy applicator thing, which is mounted on a spring, and some blusher, which is in the cap.

Unfortunately I scratched the blusher by repeatedly trying to pull off the plastic protector from the pan.  Eventually I did it, albeit ending up with a scratch on the pan and some pink under my nail.  Oh well.

Anyway, the point of the product is that when the product is all closed up, the foamy applicator is pressed into the blush.  Once you open it, the applicator has a decent smattering of blush on it, ready to pop onto the cheeks.

You press it onto your cheeks, blend with your fingers in the mirror provided, and voila!  Pretty flush.

There's plenty of product on the applicator to get a good pop of colour on both cheeks, and the powder itself is smooth and blendable even with fingers, giving a soft, natural flush which could easily be built up a bit, if stronger colour is your bag.

At a mere £4.99, Seventeen's Cheek Stamps are a brilliant way to get a portable pop of colour this spring (and summer).  They're great value for money, the product is great quality, and you can pretend to be a clown.  What more could you want?

Disclosure: PR sample

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  1. pooh that looks as if it blends like a charm, interesting. strokes chin.

  2. These look pretty & for some reason I have never seen them in store. They give a lovely flush of colour. Great for the Spring

  3. I'm intrigued by these, they look lovely but no one is talking about them!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn


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