Monday, 17 February 2014

Quick Pick: Garnier Ultimate Blends The Marvellous Transformer Haircare

Garnier's latest hair launch gives us a staggering six new lines of hair products, targeted at different hair concerns.  I've been trialling The Marvellous Transformer (nothing related to Bumblebee, my favourite Transformer, sadly) for a couple of weeks now, and I'm pretty impressed.  The Marvellous Transformer line is designed to add shine and depth to dry, lifeless hair, and although my hair isn't really lifeless (in fact, it has a life of its own), this stuff really does add a glorious shine and a much appreciated softness.

The shampoo is surprisingly gentle and hydrating for something that's a) clear and b) chock full of SLS.  I don't think I'd switch to it permanently as it does pull more colour from my hair than my SLS-free favourites, though.  The conditioners are in the form of a light yet still quenching daily conditioner, and a more intensive one minute treatment.  Both contain silicone, and I've found the one minute treatment almost too rich for my hair, which is unusual.  If your hair is coarse and in need of serious conditioning, it's definitely worth a shot.

My favourite is the Marvellous Glow Oil.  It's relatively inexpensive for an oil, at £9.99, and unlike the Tresemme oil I tried a few months back, it doesn't seem to build up in the hair.  It's also very concentrated - a single pump is plenty for treating the ends of my shoulder length, thick hair, and it's an effective heat protector as well as a nice finishing product.

My only criticism of this range is that the packaging - whilst cheerful - is a little bit 1980s-Timoeti for my liking, but the products within are very good, particularly for a high street range which costs between £3.50 and £9.99 a pop.  Well worth a try next time you're browsing the haircare aisle at Boots.

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  1. Ha ha - I love that you referenced 1980s Timotei - so true!


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