Saturday, 1 February 2014

KIKO Silver Drops

I picked up this little bottle of sparkle somewhat on a whim - it's super shimmery, comes in a teeny tiny cute bottle, and it's a bit of a multi tasker.  Silver Drops is one of four liquid shimmer Drops KIKO released as part of their Digital Emotion holiday collection, and it's very, very pretty indeed.

The product, which is made up of shimmering silver pigment suspended in a liquid base, is dispensed via this little pipette.  The shimmer is very concentrated, so you need the tiniest drop to get a healthy dose of shimmer.

As you can see, a tiny drop is almost opaque with shimmer, but spread out across the skin, it's a little more subtle.  The silvery white shimmer works well as an eyebrow or cheekbone highlight, mixed in with foundation, patted over eyeshadow to add a bit of sparkle, mixed in with body lotion... very versatile.

It's lovely, although I can't really imagine finishing the bottle given the concentration of the shimmer!  It's also currently on sale at KIKO's website for a mere £3.40, half the normal price of £6.80.  If silver's not your bag, it's also available in gold, pink, and coral.

Disclosure:  Purchased as part of a haul paid for partially with a PR provided gift card, and partly with my own cash.

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  1. I bet this looks gorgeous as a highlight. This will last ages, a small drop seems to go a very long way

  2. This looks beautiful. I'd definitely check it out next time I am in a Kiko store. Gold and pink shades are really tempting me.

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade


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