Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Clarins Cream Blush: Bloody Gorgeous

Top row:  1 Peach, 3 Grenadine
Bottom row: 4 Rosewood, 2 Candy

Clarins have made a foray into the world of cream blush, and I'm seriously enamoured with the results.  There are four super natural shades available, and whilst pigmentation is on the sheer side, they're deliciously buildable from the softest whisper of colour to a more noticeable pop.  Buildability (is that a word?) is even more appealing because of the texture - they feel like a cool satiny liquid-powder as you apply them, and are miles away from the heavy, oily cream blushes other brands produce.  Once applied, they set down to a powder finish with a slight glow which isn't heavy on the skin at all.

Left to right:  1 Peach, 2 Candy, 3 Gernadine, 4 Rosewood
 The four shades are pretty neutral in undertone, and every one looks flattering on my skin - miraculous because of my cool-toned skin's tendancy to clash with even slightly too-warm shades.  I'm particularly fond of Grenadine for a pretty, summery pop of colour.  Rosewood is lovely for a slightly sculpting effect.

And here I am wearing a bit of Peach, blended into the apples of my cheeks and across my cheekbones.  This is a light application, which gives subtle colour and a bit of a glow.  Wear time is impressive for a cream - I can still see the colour on my skin eight hours after application.

You can probably tell that I'm rather smitten with these cream blushes.  The texture, the colour range, the buildability - it all adds up to an almost-perfect product for me, only let down by a little packaging niggle - these blushers are in the same packaging as Clarins' eyeshadow singles.  Given my tendancy to apply makeup half asleep in the morning, I've almost applied Smoky Plum eyeshadow to my cheeks a couple of times this week.  Oh well.

Find these lovely cream blushes at the Clarins website, or at their counters, where they cost a thoroughly reasonable £18.

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  1. I keep avoiding these blushes since I "don't really need" more blushes :D but I think I'll check them once more. I've read so many great reviews and I love Clarins so I think it would be a shame if I didn't purchase at least one shade :D

    I love your hair any brows, they look so good on you! Plus, your eyes! <3


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