Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Two hair products I've been loving recently from Bumble & Bumble and Joico

I've been hitting the bottle hard recently.  Well, two bottles, really.  These two bottles of haircare goodness, more specifically.  The first is Bumble and Bumble's latest product, Pret a Powder, which comes in a lovely opalescent bottle and is a dry shampoo / volumising powder thingy.  Rather interestingly, it's not a traditional spray - the bottle is about half full of powder, and you use it by squeezing it in the general direction of your roots.  The powder is expelled using air pressure alone, and while it does mean you have to squeeze it a few times to get good root coverage, it's a great example of something super simple doing the job very well.  The powder itself is fabulous for volume - applied to the roots and then scrubbed into the scalp, I've managed to build almost lion's-mane like volume on my noggin.  The only downside is that the hair is left a bit stiff in the roots, but that's a minor thing given its oil-banishing, volume-building goodness.

The second bottle is Joico K-Pak Smoothing Balm, a heat activated smoothing balm.  Nothing wildly new or interesting, but it does its job very, very well - the balm isn't too heavy, smells lovely, and works really well with heat.  I've been using it with my Big Hair, and managed a blow dry which almost looks like a professional did it, all by myself.

Yay, smooth loose curls.  You only need a small blob, too.

You'll find Bumble and Bumble's Pret a Powder at Boots, where it costs £21.50 for 56g (ouch), and Joico's Smoothing Balm at Feel Unique for £12.95 for 200ml.

Disclosure: PR samples

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