Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Red Carpet Manicure Holiday Soiree Red-y

This rather beautiful red LED gel polish is part of Red Carpet Manicure's Christmas collection.  It's called Holiday Soiree Red-y, and whilst it's a seriously cheesy name, it's a seriously lovely colour.  Possibly, in fact, the nicest red gel polish I've ever seen.  It's glittery, but not with the standard gold or red glitter - there's silver, blue, gold and red glitter in there, and it's seriously very twinkly.  I had a lot of compliments on it for the week and a half I wore it.

At £12.95, it's an expensive polish, but for such an eye-catching red, it's worth it - this one will go beyond the Christmas season and make a statement all year round.  Find it at the Red Carpet Manicure website.

Disclosure: PR sample

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  1. This is a very pretty shade & I like the sparkle. Gorgeous

  2. This is a beautiful nail color but I guess i have to pass on this one. This is kinda expensive and I will go for a cheaper one that has the same color.


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