Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Mum Review: Elemis Pro Intense Lift Super System

Elemis recently released a 30 day system designed to lift and firm the skin.  It contains thirty serum ampoules, half to be used in the morning and half in the evening, a firming night cream, an eye cream, and four Jowl and Chin Masks which physically lift the chin and jowl areas by looping over the ears, to be used weekly.  Designed for mature skin, I handed my sample directly over to my Mum, who's in her early sixties and is concerned about wrinkles.  I also gave her a few other Elemis sample sizes I had knocking around so she could try the system in tandem with other Elemis products.  Her thoughts follow.

Firstly I must say that I was extremely diligent about following the directions and carrying out the regime ... didn't miss out on doing what I was supposed to all.

Having got a cleanser and various moisturisers from you too I used that in conjunction with the Pro Intense ... day time only as a night cream was included.  So used only Elemis for the full 30 days.

My skin felt good .. Not too oily and not dry .. Tho the serum felt rather oily going on.  I think I liked the eye cream .. unusual for me cause I get puffy eyes very easily when trying different eye creams.  I did feel that my skin was more taut but also felt that it wasn't less lined (my Olay I feel leaves my skin less lined than the Elemis did.)  Having stopped now and really looking for differences, I don't feel that it that much good for me .. Not enough good to spent £155 every month ... When my Olay cost £40 and lasts a lot longer and does almost the same for me.

Being as expensive as it is ... The face masks should have not broken (the loops broke) .. The serum should have been easier to access and I should not have run out of night cream 2 days before the end of the serum (perhaps I just used too much).

Would like to see the before and after photos as it is quite hard to tell just looking into a mirror.  Certainly just looking into the mirror ... magnified and all .. It did not make enough of a difference  that I could see to make me buy it !

And here are the before and after photos.  In the first photo, my Mum isn't wearing makeup, but she is in the second - I think I see an improvement around the jawline, less puffiness around the eyes, and I think the lines under her eyes are a little less deep.  At £155 a pop, though, I'd expect something a little life changing!

If you're keen to try Pro Intense Lift Super Serum yourself, you'll find it at official Elemis stockist Time to Spa, where it costs £155 for a month's supply.

Disclosure: PR sample

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