Sunday, 5 January 2014

L'Oreal Professionel Hair Chalk

One of the front runners of the hair chalk trend was brought to us by L'Oreal, who perfected their Hair Chalks on the catwalk before they made their way into salons for the likes of us normal people to use.  Unlike the powder based Fudge chalk I showed you last year, L'Oreal's offering is in liquid form.

It comes in eight shades from brown to black to blue to green, and you apply it by squirting out a bit of colour onto a special applicator, which looks somewhat like a folded bit of card backed velcro, and slide it down a strand of hair from root to tip.

The colours are vibrant, but my attempt to colour part of my hair blue required so much chalk that the hair ended up stiff and crispy.  They're definitely better used on hair which isn't already a bright colour.  With this in mind, my stepdaughter Leilah and her golden brown hair were happy to help out.

I used Blue Ocean Cruise and First Date Violet to give her a few streaks of colour around her fringe and in the mid-sections of her short hair.  Application was relatively easy, and with a bit of combing through with a clean mascara brush, the texture wasn't too crispy.  First Date Violet looks much more blue toned, and Blue Ocean Cruise looks quite a bit more green than it did when it came out of the bottle.  Having tried these colours on a few different hair colours, they seem to be truest on light, blonde hair - browns distort the colour a little, and dark hair requires a fair bit of product for a noticeable result.

Overall, though, we had a lot of fun with these chalks, and Leilah was very proud of her colour.  Unlike some other chalks, these wash out within a couple of washes - the first wash took away the bulk of the colour but a little bit of a tint remained.  If you're interested in a rich temporary colour which lasts well, this one's a good bet, although you will need to be a bit careful with the application.

Find them at the Urban Retreat Beautique, where they cost £15 each.

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  1. Awww...this is so cute! I will def check this out and try it out. Its funky and cool.


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