Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2013: A Year in Product

2013 is over, and 2014 has begun.  Here's a look back on some of the year's biggest trends.

BB/CC Creams

2013 was the tail end of the BB cream trend.  Some of the last to the party tried to encapsulate all skintones in just a few shades, leading to bad matches (Clarins) and orange-ness (REN).  Never worry, though, CC creams were hot on the heels of BB creams, and after trying one from Clinique which didn't seem all that different from the original BB, I pretty much gave up and went back to my normal foundations.

Nails: Glitter and Super Shine

Gel nails went from strength to strength this year, with brands like Nails Inc and Bourjois releasing regular polishes which aim to give that ultra-shiny, plush look you get from gel polish.  Following on from 2012's textured, matte nails, we had a plethora of super-sparkly glitter polishes to choose from, including Model's Own's stunning Fireworks collection and all manner of sparkly topcoat goodness from Bourjois.

Glows Under Black Light 

A mini-trend that never quite got going, Stila released some lip pencils which glowed under black light, and Illamasqua released a set of four nail polishes which glowed a complementary colour under black light.  I bet this one failed to take off because no-one actually goes anywhere with black light often enough to care.

Micellar Water

Everyone's favourite micellar water, the legendary Bioderma, came to the UK market, bringing with it plenty of high street and high end alternatives, including a lovely rose one from Melvita and an excellent value one from B.  I ate my own words when I tried Bioderma and realised that actually, it's a cult product for a reason.

Even More Naked

Neutral toned eyeshadow palettes abounded, with some (including this Christmas one from Clarins and this Undressed palette from MUA) looking a little more than 'inspired' by Urban Decay's Naked palettes.  And then Naked 3 came out and rendered them all irrelevant again, because it's all about the rosy neutral now, don'tcherknow.

What was your favourite trend from 2013?  And what are your trend predictions for 2014?  (apart from Radiant Orchid, over that already).  I'm predicting DD creams, which'll normalise bust sizes across the land, making clothes buying easier for everyone.

This post originated at www.londonbeautyreview.com. If you're reading it elsewhere, it's been stolen, violating my copyright.

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