Sunday, 15 December 2013

Paul & Joe Glossy Lip Colour in Flamingo

This pretty little wand is one of Paul and Joe's latest colour products.  Called simply Glossy Lip Colour, it claims to give glossy shine with vivid colour.  As always, the packaging is cute, slightly vintage inspired, and ornate - although I do wish there was more to differentiate the colours from each other than a tiny rectangle of colour on one side on the tube - if you had a couple in your makeup bag, you'd have to be careful to choose the right one.

Glossy Lip Colour comes with a new applicator - a spoon shaped does foot, which curves with the shape of the lips.  I found it perfect on my bottom lip, but a little awkward on my top lip.  I also think it might be a bit too big for those without full lips, as the applicator was just the right size for my fuller bottom lip.

Colour wise, I was surprised to find that although Flamingo looks like a bright, hot reddish pink in the tube, it's actually sheer and pretty on the lip.  The bright colour translates into a softer, more neutral pinkish shade which is very wearable indeed.

I suspect this one will polarise Paul and Joe lovers - there are a few killer colours in the range, and the texture is gorgeously soft and silky on the lip.  That applicator, though... I can see the reasoning behind it, but it's a little big and ungainly even on my full lips.  If you're keen to find out more, you'll find it at BeautyBay for £20.

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