Friday, 13 December 2013

NOTD: Nails Inc Gel Effect in Mercer Street

This super shiny, Smartie-blue polish is a new addition to the Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish range - it's called Mercer Street, and it's out in January.  At £14, it's an expensive polish - but the shine is pretty stunning.  With topcoat, it looks almost as shiny as a proper gel manicure, although unfortunately the wear isn't quite as compelling - I got four days of shiny blue nails before it chipped and I replaced it.

I've never been convinced by the bottles for Nails Inc's Gel Effect polishes.  The square cap looks pretty sleek, but I find it difficult to hold whilst painting my nails.  I recently gave a few shades to my Mum, and her arthritic fingers struggled to get a good grip on the cap.  I far prefer Butter London's approach - their square cap pops off to reveal a small, ribbed inner cap which is far easier to use.

Anyway - if springtime (or in fact late winter) leaves you wanting a shiny, bright blue mani - this polish is a good 'un.

Disclosure: PR sample

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  1. This is a lovely blue, its a fresh colour and will look gorgeous in the spring. the cap sounds a little tricky

  2. The square caps do come off!!

    1. Oh wow, you're right! Not obvious at all unless you pull the cap!


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