Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Mixed feelings: Paul & Joe Violet Treatment Balm

This Paul & Joe Treatment Balm is a solid oil in a pot.  It smells of violets.  It's hydrating and softening, and you can apply it to your lips, your hair, and dry skin patches.  It's rather nice.


Seriously, if you had £20 to spend on Paul and Joe, would you buy this?  Or would you buy an eye gloss, a crazily-printed makeup bag, or even A LIPSTICK SHAPED LIKE A KITTY?

I know some people buy everything from one brand, and I guess most of these will sell to those people.  Because really, in the world of Paul and Joe, where everything is brightly coloured, modern-retro packaged, and COVERED IN KITTIES, why is there a rather-nice-but-still-slightly-bland-compared-to-the-rest-of-it product like this?

Answers on a post card, or in the comments...

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1 comment:

  1. I think I'd buy one of their extra cute lipsticks in cat packaging!
    This sounds like a lovely product but like you say why would you spend £20 on this when P&J do some very cute products


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