Monday, 30 December 2013

Introducing Peculiar People Bath & Body

Peculiar People Bath & Body is a new indie brand created by the lovely Deborah, who used to blog at Dvora Divine.  Its products are pretty standard for an indie brand - whipped body butter, whipped scrub, bath oil, soap, bath salts, and face masks - and I was expecting a similarly standard indie brand experience.  You know, nice enough, products a little bit basic in formulation, albeit with interesting scents.

Well, I was wrong.  Unlike other indie bath oils I've tried, Peculiar People's bath oils emulsify in the water, leaving the tub less perilously slippery, and feeling generally more luxurious than plain oils which sit atop the water.  And as for the two scents I tried - Honey Fig and Saffron and Black Orchid - they're both intense enough to leave the bathroom fragrant, but not so intense they linger on the skin.  Black Orchid has a lovely smoky note to it, which blends well with the vanilla and amber base - right up my oriental/woody-loving street.

As for the Whipped Sugar Scrub, I'm in love.  The Good Samaritan scrub contains Colombian coffee and wafts of vanilla, making for a scent that's almost edible.  The texture is a little hard and gritty to scoop out of the tub easily, and you will get some stuck under your nails, but it's worth it - the scrubby particles are big enough for a comprehensive sloughing, and the base is creamy enough to leave the skin feeling velvety soft rather than thoroughly scrubbed.

Evidently the scents are appealling to felines as well as humans - my cat Yoshi couldn't resist a sniff as I tried to photograph the products!

At a mere £4.50 per bath oil, and £5 per scrub, Peculiar People is a lovely range which offers handmade products which really work.  I'll definitely be repurchasing The Good Samaritan when my tub runs out.

Disclosure: PR samples

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