Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Estee Lauder Pure Colour High Intensity Lip Lacquer

I've written before about my love for Estee Lauder Pure Colour lipsticks, so I was curious to try out these new Pure Colour lip lacquers.  They promise 'luscious, wet, brilliant colour' with the opacity of lipstick and the shine of lacquer.

If you say Wet Plum too often to starts to sound a bit dirty.
I received Wet Plum and Melting Sun to try.  Wet Plum is a rich, deep berry colour, and Melting Sun is a very vibrant orange red.

One of the selling points of this product is the applicator - it's a flat paddle shape, which is intended to hold plenty of lacquer so you can apply without sticking it back in the tube, and you're supposed to use the edge of the paddle to outline the lips, then fill in with the flat side.

Wet Plum, Melting Sun
As you can see, the colour opacity is excellent, and that shine is almost plastic-y.  There's a tradeoff, though - the lacquer is a little on the sticky and heavy side.  It does apply smoothly across the lip, but it remains sticky once set.  To its credit, for something so intense it feels pretty lightweight - my lips feel hydrated and moisturised with it on, albeit very sticky.

Wet Plum

Melting Sun
Wear is actually pretty decent - I get a couple of hours of full colour, full shine, followed by a couple more hours of muted, stain-like colour with significantly less shine.  This stuff does transfer all over the place though; there'll be no guessing which wine glass is yours on a busy pub table if you're wearing it.  Ditto who you've been kissing.

For a statement party lip, or for an ultra-shiny every day look, these are great, albeit high maintenance and sticky.  I'm curious to try some of the more neutral colours - Mirrored Mauve and Liquid Petals look like great my-lips-but-better shades, and probably need a less precise application than the bright or deep shades like Wet Plum and Melting Sun.  Find them all now at the Estee Lauder website, where they cost £21.

Disclosure: PR sample

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  1. Wet Plum is a very pretty shade. I like how glossy & pigmented these look


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