Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Topshop Velvet Lips

Topshop's latest makeup collection is a little bit goth - it's called The Damned, and a core part of it is the new Velvet Lips liquid lipstick.  Available in three very goth friendly colours, Velvet Lips dries down to a super matte finish.

Left to right:  Plush, Velveteen Ribbon, Raven
 These liquid lipsticks come with a fairly standard does foot applicator, which allows you to get a precise application - and really, you'll need every ounce of precision you can get.  The colours are incredibly pigmented, and because of the matte finish you'll need a steady hand to make sure you get even, crisply-edged coverage on the lip.

Plush is a vampy purple shade - it's interesting because it's not a purple berry, or a purple pink, but a pure, blue toned purple.  It also has a hint of blue shimmer to it - it's only visible in very strong light, but it does add a bit of dimension to the colour.

Velveteen Ribbon 
Velveteen Ribbon is probably the most wearable of the three - it's a super bright true red, so bright it almost glows.  My camera really struggled to normalise the colour of my skin against Velveteen Ribbon - it's almost neon red.  If there is such a thing.  No shimmer whatsoever on this one, just a rich, pigmented red matte finish.

And finally, Raven is a pure pitch black.  It makes my teeth look very, very yellow.  It also has a sprinkling of silver shimmer, although like Plush it's impossible to see unless you've got some bright, direct sunlight hitting your lips.

I've got very mixed feelings about Topshop's Velvet Lips.  The pigmentation is amazing, the end texture unusual, and the longevity simply brilliant.  But.... they're a bugger to apply - thanks to a quick drying time and the intense pigmentation, you have to apply both precisely and quickly to avoid patchiness.  Layering doesn't work, so your first try has to be perfect unless you want to take it all off and start again.  I'm not sure I'd wear Raven out and about - even Plush would be a bit of a stretch - but Velveteen Ribbon is a glorious colour, perfect for matching with subtle contoured eyes and flicky eyeliner.

At £10, these are a reasonably priced way to play with colour and texture, but beware if you want to use them as part of your morning makeup routine - they're not easy to apply.  And your lips have to be in perfect condition.  Find them now at Topshop.

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