Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Roger & Gallet Boise d'Orange Shower Gel and Fragrant Water

Roger & Gallet is a range I generally associate with soaps, rather than fragrance and body products.  I think this is down to my Canadian cousin generally bringing Roger & Gallet soaps (and ice wine) when he came to visit; strange in that Roger & Gallet is a French brand, and has little to do with Canada at all.

Anyway, I was recently offered the chance to try out one of the latest fragrance lines, Bois d'Orange.  The fragrance is designed to be the olfactory equivalent of walking through an orange grove, and contains notes of neroli, orange flower, and mandarin, tempered with a bit of verbena and basil for freshness.  The result is something which smells fresh and citrus-y without being overpoweringly orange, too fruity, or too sweet.  It's a soft, gentle take on orange, with just enough freshness to avoid being cloying.  Very pleasant, although it feels more spring-like to me - I prefer heavy, musky scents in winter.

The shower gel is excellent - I was surprised to find that it's soap and sulphate free, as it lathers up brilliantly with the help of a shower puff, with a little squeeze of gel creating masses of bubbles.  The fragrant water I'm less convinced by - it seems to be a light fragrant spritz which isn't quite as strong as a cologne.  I can see how it might work if you like carrying your fragrance around with you and regularly spritzing it on, as it has absolutely no lasting power.  On me, it fades within an hour, and given that I like to apply my perfume in the morning and have it last til evening, this format isn't for me.

You'll find the shower gel (which is a very decent £9) and the fragrant water (£16 for 30ml) at Escentual, who are currently offering 10% off Roger & Gallet products.

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  1. I love the way Roger & Gallet described the scent of Bois d'Orange as "olfactory equivalent of walking through an orange grove." This is my kind of scent! Airy, tangy and and somewhat diluted citrus fragrances are my thing so I'll definitely check this out. The shower gel sounds awesome! I might as well add this to my wishlist and have an awesome time wearing and layering them for the Holidays (I know that sounds weird but I'm the kind of person who wear summer scents all year round)


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