Monday, 11 November 2013

Review: Akane Cocoon Nocturne Mask

This Akane mask is exclusive to Birchbox, and it makes use of apples, black tea and hylauronic acid.  It claims to be perfect for stressed, dehydrated skin, and works by adding moisture overnight - you apply it just before bed in place of a night cream or serum, and rinse off in the morning.

Unfortunately that's as much detail as I can find about this product, or indeed, about Akane as a brand.  Having tried it a few times now, I'm not really all that impressed.  It has a slimy, bouncy texture which is relatively easy to spread across the skin, but which tends to form little strands of product if you try to massage it into the skin.  As for the effects, I've not woken up to amazingly different skin at all - my skin's hydrated, yes, but it's not particularly radiant, nor does it look plumped up or particularly different from normal.

In fact, I don't really think it offers much above a decent night cream or serum.  I also find it a bit weird that after an entire night sat on my face (smirk), there's still a residue which needs washing off in the morning.

At £18, this isn't the most expensive overnight mask I've tried, but it's also one of the least effective.  If you're interested in spreading slime on your face overnight for no visible effect in the morning, you'll find a little more detail on the Birchbox website - although if you can figure out how you actually buy it, you're doing better than I am.

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  1. Awww...sad top know that it is not that good after all. I guess I have to pass on this one and find another one that is more effective and do what it claims. Thanks for letting us know.

  2. This is the most horrible mask I ever tried. I found it very hard to apply, it has a slimy texture, it didn't even stay on my fingers, it was just a huge blob in the jar. Once it was on my fingers it was OK to apply. I know it is an overnight product, but it dried on my face in less then 20 minutes, so I decided to get it off. At this point I looked like a zombie because of the dried shreds hanging down from my face. Lovely. I have quite an oily skin so I don't know how it works for other skin types. I got it off by just peeling and tadaaam: no effect. Zero. Perfectly like before. Then I wanted to rinse my face to get off any leftover and it just refused to come off. It absorbed the water and regained its slimy texture, now almost covalently attached to my skin. I was quite surprised at this as I've just peeled it off and my face was covered now with this slime. I guess some components just didn't come off with the peels. OK, no problem, I have a professional face cleanser machine. It took me 5 minutes of rubbing until I felt my skin was free and you should only use this machines for a couple of minutes. Result: my skin is now smooth because of the rubbing but not because of the mask. It is also quite painful because of the rubbing. This is quite a new thing for me as my skin is not sensitive at all and very oily. Never never ever again!


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