Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Purminerals Show Off Collection

This cute collection of crayons is the Show Off collection from Purminerals.  It contains six chubby crayons, three of which are lip gloss sticks, and three of which are eye shadow sticks.

The format is probably familiar to you:  chunky, twist up sticks of colour with a tapered end.  These ones feature colour coded barrels and clear caps to stop you from mistakenly applying dark brown eyeshadow to your lips.  Because, you know, it's not the 1990s anymore.

The lip gloss sticks are all on the pink spectrum; you get Pucker, a pale pink, Fling, a mid brownish pink, and Taunt, a metallic raspberry pink.  The eyeshadows are all neutral - Exposed is a pale, shimmering champagne beige, Unveiled a burnished metallic mid-brown, and Staged is a shimmering chestnut brown.

Left to right:  Pucker, Fling, Taunt
I was surprised to find that whilst the lip crayons are described as 'lip gloss', they're actually pretty high in pigment, and are better described as glossy lipsticks.   Pucker is the least pigmented of the three, giving a soft baby pink tint to the lips, with Fling and Taunt giving plenty of opaque colour.  Taunt is very, very metallic in finish, and makes for a real statement pink lip.

Left to right: Exposed, Unveiled, Staged
I was expecting the eyeshadows to have a creamy, slippy texture, and whilst they are blendable and smooth to apply, they're a lot more waxy than I imagined.  This slightly waxy texture doesn't interfere with application, though, and does give the shadows better power to cling to the lid, although those with oily lids may find they crease unless you apply a heavy dose of primer.  Applied and blended, they give a neutral eye look with a bit of sheen to the finish, and the intense pigmentation can easily be blended out to give a subtle look, or layered if you want to go smoky.

These Purminerals crayons are actually pretty impressive - I wasn't expecting a lot from them, but I've found myself pleasantly surprised by their pigmentation and texture.  The set of six crayons is only £22 at Marks and Spencer.

Disclosure: PR sample

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