Monday, 25 November 2013

Ellis Faas Hot Lips in 409 Pink Nude and 405 Bright Coral

Ellis Faas lip products have sexy, sexy packaging.  They're a bit like a stiletto - if Quentin Tarantino wanted to make a film in which a female assassin killed someone, then slapped on a bit more lipstick, she'd be doing both with one of Ellis' pointy, sexy lip products.

Left to right:  409 Pink Nude and 405 Bright Coral

This latest lip product is Hot Lips, a new breed of full pigment liquid lipstick which is designed to give full on colour, a matte finish, a light feeling on the lips, and long wear.  I had the pleasure of meeting Ellis herself at the launch, and she told me that these lipsticks are designed to be worked into the lip, and that once they'd been worked in enough, and dried fully, they'd be matte, transfer proof, and long wearing.

409 Pink Nude
409 Pink Nude is a very neutral, beige based pink.  Don't let its neutrality fool you - it still has a ton of pigment, and you need the smallest amount worked into the lips for a perfectly matte, perfectly nude lip effect.  I find this works well with shimmering purple eyeshadow and lots of black mascara.

405 Bright Coral
405 Bright Coral is almost neon bright.  Again, the pigmentation means you need only a tiny bit, and the sponge applicator helps to get a soft edge to the lips which stops this bright colour looking too POW on your face.  The shade goes well with a low-key face, and it's certainly attention grabbing.

I've been impressed by the wear of these - I get around four or five hours before I need to wipe off and reapply.  Because of the matte finish, applying more on top is likely to just make a dry, weirdly textured mess, so reapplying completely is recommended.  They do dry out a bit on the lip towards the end of the wear time, but they don't become massively uncomfortable.

They're available at Liberty in London, or online via Ellis' online store, and cost £22 each - not much for intense colour, long wear, and the ability to kill a man with one throw.

Disclosure: PR sample

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  1. oph gosh, these are stunning, i think i would want them for the packaging alone. how gorgeous. and that coral is phenomenal

  2. Wow, very sexy packaging indeed! Luxurious, chic and sexy. It's the first time for me to hear about this brand as far as I can remember, but I'll definitely take a look at its products! The price is ok for that packaging, colour and quality for me. And I love their applicator so much, it's like a massage for the lips! Great post!

  3. I love the result of bright coral!
    And it'sa natural brand, great!


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