Friday, 22 November 2013

Cargo Swimmables Eyeliner in Pfeiffer Beach and Secret Beach

Did you know Cargo has arrived firmly back in the UK, with new displays popping up at Debenhams stores?  No, me neither.  I remember fondly it sort of arriving into Sainsbury's and Boots, and then slinking off again.  Nice to see it's back.  These Swimmables eyeliners are a new part of the range, and they're somewhat akin to Urban Decay's cult 24/7 liners - they both glide on smoothly like a liquid liner, and set for long wear.  Cargo say you can get 14 hours out of these new pencils, and not only that but they'll remain steady in the face of sweat and water.

These two are Secret Beach, a pale peachy shade, and Pfeiffer Beach, a deep aubergine.  I was curious to know what was behind the Secret Beach sticker, so I peeled it off - and found that the liner was labelled Pfeiffer Beach - obviously a bit of a mix up during manufacturing then.

Left: to right Secret Beach, Pfeiffer Beach
 Secret Beach is a perfect alternative to white for lining the inner rims of the eyes if you want a bright, wide-awake effect.  Pfeiffer Beach is the sort of aubergine which doesn't look too obviously coloured, but flatters green and hazel eyes.

Whilst they are very smooth indeed, Cargo's Swimmable liners aren't quite as smooth to apply as UD's 24/7 liners.  The colour intensity and wear are just as good as UD's liners, and at £12, the Cargo Swimmable liners are £2 cheaper, too.

They're not available online yet, but you'll find them at Debenhams stores now, alongside the rest of the collection.  I'll see you by the blushes!

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  1. Too bad we don`t have Cargo in Germany. I don`t like to order online :o(

    1. Shopping trip to London maybe? :)


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