Sunday, 24 November 2013

By Terry Ombre Blackstar in 15 Ombre Mercure

This is a By Terry Ombre Blackstar.  An Ombre Blackstar has nothing to do with Mos Def, nor does is have anything to do with gradient hair colour.  It's actually a stick eyeshadow with a cooling, creamy texture, and a metallic finish.

This is shade 15, Ombre Mercure.  It's a glorious pewter-taupe-silver shade which is hard to accurately describe, but which is oh so pretty on the eye.

The stick texture makes application a doddle - you colour in your lid, smooth it out with your fingertip, and voila, done.  My oily lids destroy this within about 8 hours if it's applied over primer, so I'm not entirely sure it deserves to call itself long wearing, but the colour and finish are both worth the extra finger-crease-blending that occurs thanks to that creamy texture.

As always for By Terry, it's an expensive little treat at £27.50 for just 1.2 grams of product.  Very nice product though, perfectly paired with a ruby red lip.

Disclosure: PR sample

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