Tuesday, 12 November 2013

By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge Lipstick in Sangria Appeal

I've tried By Terry lipsticks in the past and found myself a little disappointed - for all the beautiful packaging and glorious pigment, Terrybly Lipstick doesn't wear as well as a £31 lipstick should.  So when I was presented with an equally beautiful lipstick at a recent press event, I felt a little apprehensive.  Would it be lovely?  Would it be worth the cash?  Would it fall off my lips?

Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge is described perplexingly as an "aqua-glossy melt-away balm", and apparently it hydrates, smooths, plumps, and all manner of other lip-loving things, whilst adding colour.  It comes in a twist up, skinny tube in shiny silver, and unlike the Terrybly Lipsticks, has a flat top rather than a sculpted tip.

Sangria Appeal looks pretty dark and dangerous in the tube, doesn't it?  However, it's called Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge, so it probably goes on quite sheerly, right?

Wrong. This is a couple of passes over the lips, which is required to get even colour.  It's not sheer at all.  It's got a slightly soft, balmy, soft-focus texture, but sheer it definitely ain't.  It is a gorgeous colour though, all red wine (that'll be the Sangria reference then) with a finish that's not too glossy but not too flat.

And here it is within the context of my whole face.  I LOVE IT.  It could only be more winter-in-a-stick if it smelled and tasted of mulled wine (if only).

I'm pleased to report that not only is it rather lovely looking, it feels soft and comfortable on the lips, and (joy of joys) it wears pretty well, fading evenly to a soft wine stain over a few hours without a ring-of-death in sight.  AND it's cheaper than the Terrybly Lipsticks, at £25 instead of £31.  All in all, a rather lovely (if still Terrybly expensive) lipstick.  Find it at SpaceNK now.

Disclosure: PR sample

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  1. This color looks gorgeous on you!!!

  2. Wow. That looks gorgeous on you! Goes perfectly with your haircolor too.

  3. Still pricey, but looks lovely! Really suits you and I love the finish.


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