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Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette - Swatches

Urban Decay's latest uber-palette has arrived - and it's a follow up to the popular Vice palette released in autumn last year.  Like the original Vice palette, it contains a whopping 20 shades of Urban Decay's buttery soft, high pigment eyeshadow, and includes a double ended synthetic brush.

The packaging is pretty solid - the shadows are encased in a heavy plastic case which feels sturdy and is prettily decorated with swirling purples, greys and reds.  Very autumnal.

The top of the palette bears a raised, intricate UD which is faceted on the inside.  It's a pretty luxe look, and catches the light beautifully.  This is a palette I'd be glad to display on my dressing table.

There's also a sturdy catch which keeps the palette securely closed - press the button to open, and the lid slowly lifts away from the palette below.  It's not possible to leave it half open - it's either fully open, or snapped closed.  Inside the lid you get a decent size mirror, as we've come to expect from UD palettes.

The colours!  There are twenty shades in Vice 2, ranging from neutrals and pinks to brights to black.  There's a mix of finishes, but the shadows are predominantly shimmery - there are a few metallics, and a few mattes thrown in too.

Smokeout is described as a dark taupe-black satin - it's a rich, shimmering colour without obvious glitter particles.  I'm not sure I really get the taupe in this - it's a sooty black.

Lovesick is described as black matte with micro glitter, which is pretty accurate.  It's a soft, fairly sheer matte which can be built up or applied sheerly for a subtle smoky look.

Shellshock is described as a bright metallic silver - and this description is bang on the money.  Intensely metallic finish, pure silver shade - love.

Cox is described as a medium metallic pink with golden micro sparkle.  I don't really see the golden micro sparkle, but it's definitely a lovely metallic - not quite as high impact as Shellshock but still very striking.

X-Rated is a baby pink satin - it reads more like a matte to me.

Smokeout, Lovesick, Shellshock, Coax, X-Rated

Prank is a deep navy matte with "turquoise floating pearl".  It's basically matte navy with turquoise sparkle.  The matte navy base is very, very pigmented and surprisingly soft for such a matte shade.

Madness is described as a bright blue metallic shimmer with blue micro-glitter.  It can look more like a medium denim blue than a bright in some lights.

Strike is an antique gold shimmer with silver micro glitter - I don't really see the micro glitter but the antique gold base tone is beautifully shimmery, almost metallic.

Stash is described as olive green shimmer with iridescent micro sparkle.  This is one of those olive green shades which looks almost golden at some angles.

Poison is a charcoal satin with iridescent micro sparkle.

Prank, Madness, Strike, Stash, Poison

Radar is a metallic brown shimmer with iridescent micro glitter.  Again, I don't really get the micro glitter.

Damaged is a bright metallic emerald shimmer.  It's quite similar to Loaded, which has appeared in many a UD palette.

Voodoo is a metallic purple shimmer with purple micro glitter.  It's a little more purple than Rockstar, another UD favourite, which veers more towards plum.

Betrayal is a bright purple satin with blue shift - it's a wonderful duochrome eyeshadow.  The purple base shade is clean and bright, and the blue flash is stunning.

Derailed is a taupe/brown shimmer - similar to Mushroom, but a bit darker.

Radar, Damaged, Voodoo, Betrayal, Derailed

The final row could be straight out of a Naked palette.

Dope is a champagne satin - it reads a little more pink to me.

Toxic is described as a metallic copper pink shimmer with tonal glitter - not sure what tonal glitter is, but it's a beautiful metallic shade balanced between pink and copper.

Habit is a matte nude shade, perfect for subtle contours.

Ambush is a metallic brown satin - I'd say it's more shimmer than satin.

Rewind is a medium brown matte, which'd be great for adding subtle definition to the lash line.

Dope, Toxic, Habit, Ambush, Rewind
So, should you buy this palette?  If you like shimmery finishes, and you're looking for a palette that offers a variety of shades to experiment with, yes.  If you're a die-hard UD collector, yes.  If you have a few UD palettes already and you quite like them, perhaps not - whilst there are 20 new shades here, some of them aren't a million miles away from others used in previous palettes.  The only major difference is that Vice 2 has shadows in the new formula - meaning they're buttery soft, well pigmented, and easily blendable.  Which they were before.  They're just, kinda more now.

Vice 2 is a limited edition palette - which means it will sell out.  And then it'll cost a ton on eBay.  So if you like it - ACT NOW!  You'll find it at Debenhams and House of Fraser - it'll cost you £42.

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  1. I love your blog, but my bank account definitely disagrees with me on that, lol. Thank you for the head's up! Debenhams still has their bonus points for £50+ on as well, and a skincare goody bag with purchase of 2+ makeup/skincare items, so those sweeten the payout!

    1. Yeah definitely - that said, £42 isn't bad for a palette with 20 shadows in it. They're only a smidge smaller in weight than the individual shadows, which retail for about £14 each. If you tried to build your own UD palette it'd cost a LOT more to get 20 shades!


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