Thursday, 24 October 2013

Review: No 7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Duo in Seductive Charm

This eyeshadow duo is part of No 7's new autumn collection, which is made up of two nail polishes, two lip crayons, and this eyeshadow.  Part of me can't help thinking that the brand has lost its way a little since the departure of Lisa Eldridge - it's a pared down little collection with noticeably less cohesiveness than past collections.  Anyway - I had high hopes for this eyeshadow duo, as it is formed of delightfully cool toned purples, which are some of my favourite shades to wear.

The basic black compact contains two shades - a bright pale lilac with a subtle pink flash (which proved an absolute bugger to photograph) and a sludgy, grey toned plum with silver micro-glitter.  So far so good.

Unfortunately though, the texture lets Seductive Charm down.  The paler shade is verging on chalky, and really makes you work hard to get decent opacity - layering and pressing the shadow into the lid is the only way to get a good finish.  The darker shade, whilst perfectly lovely as a crease or liner colour, suffers from fallout of the silvery glitter.  The base grey/purple blends perfectly well, but the glitter ends up on my cheeks or patchily spread across my lid.

For £8, I don't expect miracles, but I do expect better textures from No 7.  Give this a miss unless you really, really love the colours and are convinced you can make the textures work for you.  Find it now at, and at Boots stores.

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