Thursday, 10 October 2013

Meh: Guerlain Ecrin 2 Couleurs in Two Spicy

This little palette from Guerlain is a very luxe little thing. Encased in shining, undulating silver packaging which feels heavy in the hand, the two eyeshadows within are designed to be worn both separately and together for a multitude of looks from one duo.

This is Two Spicy, an interesting pairing of bright orangey coral sparkle with medium brown.  The textures and finishes are very different - the orangey coral is glittery, somewhat sheer and almost gritty, where the brown is satiny, and highly pigmented to the extent it's almost waxy.

The colours are pretty enough, and together they make for a dimensional take on a neutral look which is very flattering on green or hazel eyes.  But.... this little eyeshadow duo costs £30.  I'm not really sure it's worth £30 - the textures are so different they feel a little jarring in the same compact, and the orangey coral is pretty unusable on its own due to its sheerness.  It really needs the brown to make it pop.  All this adds up to a product which is nice enough, but not special enough to warrant a £30 pricetag.

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