Thursday, 3 October 2013

Kiko Clic Eyeshadow System & Infinity Eyeshadows

Italian brand KIKO have just released a new range of eyeshadows, all of which fit neatly into a selection of empty palettes. They call it a "revolutionary solution".  I call it fairly standard - you can get build-your-own palettes from Urban Decay, MAC, Inglot... And you can depot your shadows and put them in a Z-Palette too.  Most makeup fanatics seem to go through a MAC phase, buying limited editions and building 12-pan palettes until they realise MAC are releasing the same stuff season after season.  So, if you're anything like me, you may well have a coupla made-it-yourself palettes hanging around.

Anyway, I don't intend to take anything from KIKO on this - you can buy palettes to hold one, three, four, nine, or twenty-four eyeshadows, and they're all reasonably priced.  The 9-pan palette above costs £9.90, which isn't too bad (particularly compared to UD, who will sell you a pretty 4-pan for £8), although you are getting something rather basic - heavy, sturdy plastic, but no mirror.

The Clic system is very well designed - the shadows turn up packed properly in cardboard cases with a protective hard plastic outer (no cardboard sleeves here, ahem, MAC).

Once you've unwrapped your shadow, you drop it into the space, and press gently with your fingertip.  The shadow pings into place easily, and if you feel the need to rearrange them (or obsessively make sure the lettering is lined up symmetrically), you just pop them out using the provided tab and a fingernail (or teaspoon, if your nails are delicate).

The pans are big, too - here's a comparison with a two-p piece.

And the shadows themselves?  Lovely.

Top row

Middle row

Bottom row
There are both Infinity and Infinity+ shadows in this palette - the top-left pale lilac, and the two blue/turquoises in the middle row are the sparklier Infinity+ variety, which cost £7.90 each, where the Infinity shadows at £5.90.  I'm not sure the Infinity+ shades are worth the extra cash - they're a little gritty, and low on pigment but high in sparkle - much like Urban Decay's Moondust Shadows - while they're nice, they're not essential.  The Infinity shadows have a great texture, being smooth and blendable without fallout, and have an incredible amount of pigmentation.  These swatches are all pretty light handed.  Even the matte shades are vibrant and opaque, and not chalky at all.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with KIKO's Clic system.  The palettes are decently built but reasonably priced, and the eyeshadows are a little more expensive than those you get at Inglot (£4.50 a shadow), but offer a much larger pan size.  Find them at KIKO's online shop, or at either of the Westfield London stores.  Or wait a bit and pop into the soon-to-be-opening Oxford Circus branch.

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  1. Hello ! Can you give us the numbers of your make-up ? Kisses from France ^_^

    1. Hello! What are you looking for, the numbers of the eyeshadows in the set?

  2. Oh you are a saviour! I did this and put some shadows in but I didn't know how to get them out for the longest time!! Thank you so much for mentioning on how to move them!!


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