Sunday, 6 October 2013

Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation and Instant Concealer

Clarins have recently launched two new base products - Extra Comfort foundation, and Instant Concealer.  Instant Concealer, as you'd expect, is supposed to instantly conceal dark circles, for a radiant, bright effect which lasts all day.  And hydrates the eye area.  No small claim.  Extra Comfort foundation claims an anti-aging, nourishing formula which plumps the skin and minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Unfortunately, I don't really like the packaging of Extra Comfort foundation.  It's a JAR.  An OPEN TOP jar.  C'mon Clarins, it's 2013 - it's possible to make packaging for thick, creamy foundations which doesn't involve finger-and-air exposure every time you use it.  It's also heavy and made of glass, which makes it pretty unusable for travel.

If, like me, you assume that a squeezy tube and a "tinted" formula means you'll need a bead of concealer, you may end up with far too much product under your eyes.  Your eyebrow may also raise itself in disbelief.  Moral of the story - this stuff is very pigmented, and you need the tiniest dab to cover the undereye area.  Seriously.

After removing the excess concealer, putting on a bit of lipstick, and running around the house looking for some decent autumn light, my skin looks radiant, smooth, and pretty flawless (apart from that one spot, which you can ignore, thanks).  I suspect any plumpness is down to my love of cake rather than the foundation, but there's no denying that it does help the skin look nourished and healthy.

I was expecting this foundation to fall off my face pretty quickly, thanks to my combination skin and it's moisturising formula.  But actually, it lasts very well - a bit of powder on my t-zone and chin is all that's needed to make it last a full workday.  Pretty damn impressive.

At £35, Extra Comfort is a pretty expensive foundation, and I'd fully recommend trying it out at a Clarins counter before investing.  Instant Concealer, at £20, is also expensive, but given that pigmentation level, it's bound to last a long time, and is well worth a try if your dark circles bother you.  Extra Comfort comes in 9 shades (I'm wearing Nude), and Instant Concealer comes in three skintone-based shades (I'm wearing yellowy-beige).

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  1. Same here, I hate the packaging of this foundation but the formula is BRILLIANT and the only one I found that works both on my oilier T-zone, and on my dry dehydrated angry cheeks. And I was happy to get it with a sales discount for €34 so an average price for a HE product.


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