Sunday, 29 September 2013

Tom Ford Sahara Noir

At the launch of Tom Ford's Atelier d'Orient range, I happened to spritz myself with a release from May this year - and at first sniff I was hooked.  I like my fragrances deep, dark and intense, and this one has all three in bucketloads.

Like my beloved Tobacco Vanille, it goes on intensely, almost overpoweringly strong - it's the sort of fragrance that's likely to wake you up in the morning the moment you apply it.  It apparently has top notes of bitter orange and cypress, heart notes including incense, jasmine and beeswax, and basenotes including oud, amber, cedar and vanilla.  But I can't really smell the individual notes on my skin - after the drydown, I smell smoky, dry desert sand and incense.  It's rich, pungent and ever so slightly one dimensional.

Weirdly, the scent that clings to my clothes when I wear this fragrance is a hundred times more complex.  There's a tiny burst of freshness, a warm undertone of vanilla, and the fragrance feels bigger, with more depth somehow.  The scent also remains in my clothes for a good few days after application - the thing that pushed me from appreciation to buying this very expensive fragrance was the way the scent lingered on my light summer jacket.  Every time I shrugged it on I was enveloped in warm, rich perfume.

Overall, I'm a big fan of this fragrance, even if it is a bit of an oddball thanks to its chameleon-like differences on the skin and on clothes.  It's a great autumn/winter scent, and one I'll definitely be wearing a lot now the weather's cooled off.

At £100 a bottle, it's not quite as shockingly expensive as the Private Blend fragrances, but it's still pretty damn spendy.  I bought my bottle at Heathrow airport on a trip to Seattle, and got it for a mere (!) £80.

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  1. I'd probably cry if forking out that much money but it sounds well worth it. I love Tobacco Vanille as well.

    1. It kind of killed me to spend that much on a fragrance but I couldn't stop thinking about it after I smelled it the first time!


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