Friday, 27 September 2013

The Perfect Dressing Table

So, in non-beauty related news, my husband and I have put our house on the market.  We're looking for something with more space - with two kids staying regularly and amassing their own ton of stuff, our little three bedroom terrace is stuffed full.

And of course, now we're looking for a new place, I'm dreaming about a dressing room.  Or, more realistically, a dressing table - nicer than the cheap one I bought from Argos and never quite replaced, with a proper mirror and enough storage for all my makeup.

This sleek white Sliderobes dressing table is simple and modern looking, and I particularly like that the glass top means any incidents involving knocking over open lipsticks won't result in staining.  I can't find a price for it, so I'm assuming it's so expensive I couldn't possibly afford it.

I'd put this incredibly beautiful and ornate mirror, £165 from Not On The High Street, on top of it, making sure they were both positioned in front of a window, for the best possible light.

And because there's not a chance in hell that all my products will fit into those three drawers in the dressing table, I kinda think I need an IKEA Alex drawer unit, £90.  I currently have translucent plastic Muji drawers, but I've now got eight for makeup, and six for nail polishes - and they take up a lot of space.  This Alex unit has a small footprint but plenty of space due to its height and nine drawers.

What would your dream dressing table look like?  Or am I the only one who actually dreams about dressing tables?

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