Saturday, 14 September 2013

Sarah is leaving London Beauty Review

Hello everyone,

Today we have a big change to announce - after 4 fantastic years blogging alongside Gemma, I am leaving London Beauty Review and moving to my own solo blog,

Over the last four years I've had some truly unbelievable experiences, and I've been incredibly proud of the readership we've built, the comments we've received and the relationships we've established. Thank you to everyone who has read my posts and taken the time to comment. (You're more than welcome to join me on Warpaint, although I only have one post so far...)

I've also had the chance to get involved in the beauty industry in ways I never thought possible - I've received tips and advice from internationally-revered makeup artists, met iconic personalities and faces-of-the-brand actresses and singers, and attended some unforgettable PR events. We don't tend to focus on events here, preferring to stick to products, but suffice it to say we've been well and truly spoiled!

But all good things must come to an end, and now feels like the right time to start something fresh. I'm looking forward to approaching blogging from a solo perspective, and to seeing how Gemma develops London Beauty Review in her own way too.

Gemma and I will always share a love of beauty, (and cars, and Asian horror films, and dresses) and that's unlikely to change. It's just now we'll have two beauty blogs instead of one.

Lots of love,

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