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Review: Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Lip Colour in Confidence, Witty and Ambition

I've heard good things about Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Lip Colours.  They're a luscious liquid lipstick, and promise "high impact colour and insatiable shine".

I was sent three shades to review - there are twelve shades available, and if you're looking online, just discount the swatches shown there.  The website swatches show Confidence and Witty as being pretty damn purple, which is completely wrong.

The applicator is a bit of a twist on a traditional doe's foot - it's the same shape, but it's super thin and flexible, which allows you to smush the lipstick evenly (and quickly) across the lips.  The pointed tip is useful for getting a sharp finish, and the size of the applicator is just right - not so small it takes an age to fill your lips, and not too big that you struggle to stay within the lip line.

Confidence, Witty, Ambition

Confidence is described as a "pink berry" by Bare Minerals, but it reads more like a pinkish brown neutral on me.  I've worn this shade a lot over the past few weeks - it's neutral, and goes with plenty of eye looks, but it's still a strong lip shade without being bright or vampy.

Witty is described as "berry wine", and it's vampy through and through.  I'm looking forward to wearing this once the leaves start falling from the trees, and all the colours of autumn emerge.

 Ambition is described as "fuschia", which I'm not quite convinced about - to me, fuschia has a blue tone to it which makes it super bright and very good for making your teeth look whiter.  Ambition looks more like a sharp, crisp mid-pink on me.

It sort of almost clashes with my hair, but I've still been wearing this shade a fair bit - it's a lovely breezy colour which brightens up my face even when I'm not wearing a whole lot of makeup.

Texture wise, these little beauties are quite thick but still easily spreadable - there's a ton of pigment in there, and as you can see, the finish is super shiny.  They feel relatively comfortable on the lips - there's a bit of stickiness for the first ten minutes or so after applying, but once the liquid lipstick sets down, it's perfectly comfortable, even if it does transfer quite easily.  I was surprised to find that wear is nigh on incredible - I've been applying in the morning, and watching the colour slowly lose its shine and soften to a gentle wash across eight hours or so.  Reapplying after four hours keeps the shine and intensity, but if can't be bothered topping it up, you'll get an even fade and colour which still looks good on the lips.  Impressive stuff.

Pretty Amazing Lip Colour costs £15 and can be found at the Bare Minerals website, or at one of their many stores and counters.  £15 well spent if you like a long lasting lip.

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    1. Thanks! I've been wearing Witty a lot since it became distinctly autumnal here in London :)


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