Sunday, 15 September 2013

New from Bourjois: Erasable Eyeliner

Bourjois are all about the innovation nowadays.  Their latest mascara twists up and down, and their latest eyeliner is erasable.  Yes, you heard that right - ERASABLE.  When I first heard about it, I had very high hopes - I remembered those amazing dual-ended fountain pen ink erasers I used at school, which lifted the ink straight off the page as if by magic.

This isn't quite as magical, but it is still pretty handy.  One end of the hot-pink tube contains a flexible brush and inky black liner, and the other is a slightly rubbery white eraser.

The liner itself is thoroughly decent - it's got a matte finish, it's got great pigmentation, and the brush is the right size for a medium thickness dramatic flick.  It also dries down to a very adhesive finish, and doesn't budge.  Until you rub it gently with the eraser end of the liner.  And then....

It sort of lifts off the skin.  The eraser isn't a true eraser - it's not dispensing a magic liquid which solves the liner and immediately takes it away - but it does help you to selectively remove bits of liner neatly.  If you struggle with doing perfect cat eye flicks like the rest of the world, it's definitely helpful - simply rub over the ends of the flicks, lift them from the skin, and break off near the lashline.  Then try again.

The Erasable liner costs just £7.99, which is reasonable just for a well pigmented, long wearing liner, let alone one you can correct easily.  Definitely, definitely worth the cash if you're fond of liquid liner, and sometimes screw up.  Find it at Boots now.

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  1. Quite handy for someone who's just getting into makeup and failing when trying to do the flick ha.

    Jo @ Beautylicious Love

    1. Or people like me who still can't do their flicks straight first time ;)

  2. Seen this is the shop, was curious.

    Does the "eraser" tip get dirty after a while?

    I know that can be a problem with nail polish erasers - they work okay... for the first 5 manis, and then they just mess everything up with the residue left over from previous uses.
    Sometimes they come with replacement tips, but those last for another 5 manis, and that's it.

    1. Nope, not that I've experienced - because it's actually just lifting away the liner rather than dissolving it, the eraser tip remains clean!

  3. I am officially impressed. *Gadget-loving face*


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