Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Nails a Porter by L'Oreal

L'Oreal have jumped firmly on the nail art bandwagon, offering a whole host of nail colours and special effects topcoats in their Colour Riche range.  They've also released some very interesting new stick-on nails with a variety of designs.

They're supposed to be really easy to apply, and should last five days on the nails.  Let's take a look at the application process.

First, you line up your nails against the sizes given in the pack.  There are two strips like this included, so twelve choices per hand - most nail shapes and sizes should find a good fit.

Once you've chosen the right size, you peel away the correspondingly numbered sticky pad from this sticky-pad-envelope.  There are two stickies per size, so again, should be plenty for most nails.

Stick the sticky pad to the nail, sticky side down.  Peel off the pink film atop the nail to expose yet more sticky, ready to stick the nail to your nail.  Does that make any sense whatsoever?

Then, simply press the nail down into the sticky pad, hold for a few seconds, and voila!  You are wearing a fake nail.

Unfortunately for me, the one I chose doesn't quite cover the edge of my nail.  I think this might be because my nails are very curved, and yet also square in shape.  I could probably have used a bigger size to cover the whole nail, but that might well have ended up too wide at the cuticle.

Even though the nail is really, really thin, it's still an obvious thing-sitting-on-top-of-my-nail, and since I've never had any form of artificial nail before, it feels weird.  A bit detached when I touch things.  A bit too plasticy.

Needless to say I removed my test nails much earlier than five days.  More like fifteen minutes, in fact.  If you're more used to stick on nails or gels, you might find these more comfortable - but they're really not for me.  If you'd like to try them, they're out now, and cost a mere £7.99.

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  1. Awww...they are so pretty. Love the designs and color combos. I'll def check on them since I love doing my own nail arts.

  2. I would have made the gold the tip and not make it a moon mani.

  3. I think it had to do with you putting the nail on wrong. The gold goes to the tip like a French mani. Personally, I highly suggest these nails because they are beautiful.. When you put them on right. The thick end is for the tip of the nail, that's hanging off the natural nail bed so the fake nail doesn't bend.

  4. it's weird that on the packaging the gold is at the base and not at the tip. because that's how it's shown on the packaging where I live.. that's probably why it didn't fit right....

  5. Sorry, but I think you put it on the wrong way!

    1. No she isn't. If you look on the first image you can see the packaging of the nails she used. They are the correct way. Weird I know because I've bought them the opposite way!

  6. I recently tried using this product by L'oreal. How did you remove the nails? Was it difficult? I am starting to get scared after seeing videos of removing fake nails on internet. Please help me.


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