Thursday, 5 September 2013

Nails of the Two Weeks: Red Carpet Manicure Sunset over Sag Harbour

If you ever spot me getting on a plane, you can be sure I'm wearing a home gel manicure.  Whether I'm heading off for a holiday or a business trip, there's nothing quite like a gel manicure to guarantee low-effort perfect nails for a week or two.  And so when I recently went to Kos with my husband and step kids, I decided that it was a good time to try one of Red Carpet Manicure's latest shades - Sunset Over Sag Harbour.

The collection is themed around the Hamptons in the US, and I've since learned that Sag Harbour is a tiny town near the Hamptons.  So, this polish scores points for teaching me things about geography at the least.  The colour itself is a lovely mid-purple with red and blue shimmer, and as with every Red Carpet Manicure colour I've tried so far, it's been brilliant.  The photo above shows the polish after two weeks (you can tell from the growth!) and it still looks perfectly smooth and shiny.

If you've not tried a home manicure kit, Sarah and I have reviewed both the Starter Kit (which is cheaper, but takes longer to cure the polish) and the Professional Kit (which is more expensive, and has a more powerful light).  They're both pretty damn good, if you're good at painting your nails, and you want a super-long lasting result.

Back to Sunset Over Sag Harbour - it's a lovely colour, and it applies and lasts brilliantly.  Find it at the Red Carpet Manicure website, where it costs £12.95 for 9ml - expensive, yes, but you need the tiniest amount per manicure, and quite frankly I'd pay more for a two week manicure colour.

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  1. Looks great, I've never got my SOG to last 2 weeks without chipping on a couple of nails. Perhaps I should try Red Carpet...

    1. Do you paint really thin coats and take the base, colour and topcoat over the free edge of the nail? I've found that taking it over the free edge is what helps it last ages for me - otherwise I get something that looks like tipwear really quickly, and it definitely chips more quickly... Worth a try perhaps!


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