Monday, 23 September 2013

Clinique All About Shadow Singles in Bubble Bath, Blushed, and Purple Pumps

Clinique have revamped their eyeshadow range, introducing a rainbow of colours and finishes and releasing them as singles, duos, and quads.  There's a choice of finishes, too - super shimmer, soft shimmer, and soft matte.

Before we look at the shadows themselves, one thing I think is often looked over with Clinique is the outer cardboard packaging.  No basic sleeves, these - the floral print has been around for years and is still really, really pretty.

Left to right: Bubble Bath, Blushed, Purple Pumps
Anyway, on to the shadows - they're super soft and blendable, and have a medium pigmentation which goes on soft and can be built up.  The swatches above are rather heavy - you can see they're not overly intense, although they're not at all patchy in their softness.

One thing which strikes me is the difference in finish.  Bubble Bath is the super shimmer of the three - and it's really not all that shimmery.  Seriously, this is super shimmery.  Or this.  But not that.  Blushed has a barely detectable sheen to it, and Purple Pumps is matte, but not at all chalky.  These are definitely colours for those who want a soft eye look which enhances, rather than distracts.

On the eye you get a soft yet still vibrant look - I did build the shadows up in a couple of layers to get this kind of pigmentation, and the finished look is still more soft than it is super colourful.  I'm totally cool with that, though - if I want insane pigmentation and bright colours, I'll go to MAC, Illamasqua, or Inglot.  Clinique is far better placed to offer its customers a more muted, easy-to-wear take on colour.

Find Clinique's new All About Shadow singles at their website, and at Clinique concessions, where they'll cost £16 each.

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  1. OMG!!! They are so pretty. It look so great on you too. Love the shades for they are light and natural. Love it!!!


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