Monday, 2 September 2013

Clarins Graphic Expression Autumn Collection: Eye Quartet in Forest and Face & Blush Powder

Ah, there's nothing like a Clarins collection to get me interested.  Their products are never anything wildly exciting, but they are always pretty, wearable, and easy to use.  The autumn collection, Graphic Expression, is no exception - it contains some lovely warm autumnal shades, including the usual four-colour mineral eye palette and beautifully textured powder compact.

The eye quartet is absolutely gorgeous.  It's called Forest, and it's described as containing khaki green, satin taupe, intense bronze, and pale gold.  On first glance, the palette is a little murky - but it's got some true workhorse shades in it, which I can see myself using throughout autumn and winter.

Bright sunlight

Natural daylight
Confusingly, the pale gold in the upper right corner gives very little payoff, merely adding a bit of golden white glitter with no real colour.  The other three shades are gorgeous, though - the top left khaki straddles the line between green and brown, being green enough to add interest but still totally neutral and wearable.  The satin taupe in the bottom right is lovely, and reminds me of the Mac shadow of the same name.  Finally, the bottom left corner is occupied by a shadow which I can only assume is the one described as intense bronze.  It's not really bronze.  It's a deep charcoal with a slightly greenish cast, with bronze sparkle.

The Face and Blush powder is, as always, an incredibly pretty bit of kit, although I'm not really sure what it's trying to be.  You can apply it lightly as a face powder, but you won't see a lot of difference unless you look closely.  You can also apply it more heavily as a blush, which just about works on my fair skin, but probably won't really build up as well on darker skintones.

And here they are applied.  The eyeshadows are all soft and blendable, apply smoothly and look really pretty on the eye - the result here is a slightly khaki toned taupe smoky eye look which is totally work appropriate and still a bit striking too.  The face-powder-blush thing I'm less convinced of - I had to build the colour up quite heavily to get the slight blush shown here, and I think I'd rather use a more pigmented blush.

The Clarins Graphic Expression autumn collection is available now at the usual stockists.  The Eye Quartet and the Face & Blush Powder cost £30 each.

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