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Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Turn On and Shame & 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencils in Manic and Venom

Urban Decay have revamped their core lip line, releasing a new lipstick with an ultra creamy, pigmented formula, and releasing a lip version of their popular 24/7 pencils.  I absolutley love a new lipstick release, and these are pretty damn special.

The packaging is at once beautiful and annoying.  Beautiful because the gunmetal casing is solid, with an interesting undulating surface, making it stand out amongst the anonymous black tubes in most people's lipstick collection.  Annoying because that gunmetal casing shows fingerprints very easily, and also because it's a bugger to photograph.  The latter may only annoy bloggers though, which makes it less annoying overall.

At the launch of these lipsticks, the tagline of the day was "creamy badass luxury".  Which actually encapsulates the lipsticks themselves pretty well - they're very, very creamy, and the level of pigmentation makes for a pretty badass lip (I know I'm reaching a bit here) and both the packaging and the texture are luxurious.

The 24/7 lip pencils are little less exciting, being a lip version of the almost ubiquitous 24/7 eyeliner.  That said, they have the same creaminess as the eye pencils, set quickly, and stick to the lip very well.  There's a shade to go with every lipstick in the Revolution range too.

Left to right:  Venom lip pencil, Manic lip pencil, Shame lipstick, Turn On lipstick

Swatched, you get a good sense of just how pigmented the Revolution lipsticks are.  The swatches above are a single gentle swipe - they're absolutely opaque with colour, and have a lovely buttery moistness to the finish.  The lip liners are a little less intense, but can be easily layered if you want a strong lip line (which I really, really hope you don't).

Shame is an amazing colour, and one I'll be saving for autumn/winter.  It's a deep, rich, claret-y red with purple undertones, and it's very, very vampy.  I've applied it here with Venom lipliner, but I've also tried it blotted down in a more messy, smudged lip and it works well like that too.

Turn On

Turn On is a cool, medium pink which sits just on the line of neutral and bright.  It's not boring, and it's not insane.  I've applied it here with Manic lipliner.

Now, after this much gushing, I do have to admit there's one flaw in the Revolution lipsticks.  It's the size of the bullet.  If you look at the swatch photo again, you can see that the flat surface of the bullet is very wide - wide enough that even those with full lips will need to tilt and angle the lipstick to avoid overrunning the lip line.  It's not a massive problem, but a shaped bullet would make application much easier.

Revolution lipsticks and 24/7 Glide On Lip Liners are now available at Debenhams, where they cost £15 and £13 respectively.  Are they worth it?  The lipsticks definitely are - if you love a high pigment, buttery soft lipstick, you'll love the Revolution lipsticks.  For me, the lip liners are a bit meh - I don't really use lip liner often and find that modern lipstick textures kind of mean they're not often necessary, but if you like lip liners, these are well worth a try.

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