Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Undecided: TRESemme Oil Elixir for Coloured Hair

TRESemme have just launched their own hair oil - it's called Oil Elixir, it comes in a surprisingly heavy glass bottle, and it smells absolutely lovely.  It can be used either as a pre-wash moisturising treatment, a styling aid, or as a finishing product for extra shine.

I've been using it for the past two weeks as a styling aid - if you can call leaving-your-hair-to-dry-naturally-in-the-hope-of-nice-curls-and-no-frizz styling.  I've applied three or four pumps to the mid lengths and ends of my hair and initially I was really, really impressed by the results.  My hair was smooth, shiny, silky, and my curls were more defined and less frizzy.  Even my ends looked healthy!  Instant love.

A couple of days later though, my hair seemed to look weighed down and a little lank after use.  I consulted the ingredients...

Whilst the oil claims to make use of "salon grade" oils, it's actually based on silicones and mineral oil, with a bit of seed/nut oil thrown in too.  This explains the build up in my hair - whilst the combination of cyclopentasiloxane and dimethiconol is apparently somewhat water soluable, I try to avoid shampoos with SLS in as they wreck my colour.  And obviously my SLS free shampoo wasn't doing a good enough job of removing the Oil Elixir.

So, my overall feelings on this product are a bit confused.  I love the smoothness, the shine, the curl definition - but I don't love the buildup.  Potentially this is a better product for those with colours which fade less than my bright red, who can therefore use a slightly more deep cleansing shampoo.  If you're interested, it will cost a mere £9.99 (much cheaper than some other hair oils I could mention).

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  1. I have had the same experience with it, but I can't find a hair oil without those nasties... Do you have any suggestions for hair oils without silicones and mineral oil?

    1. Most hair oils contain silicone unfortunately - you could try pure almond, argan or olive oil, but you might find them a bit heavy :(


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