Saturday, 24 August 2013

Swatch: Paul & Joe Eye Liner & Eye Crayon Duo in 002 Fiji

This lovely double ended eye pencil is part of Paul & Joe's Beach Baby summer collection.  There are five shades in the full set, from sea-inspired turquoises to golden sandy shades.  This one, Fiji, mixes an eyeliner in a soft mid-brown with an eye crayon in a shimmering pink.

The eyeliner end is slimmer, with the mid brown colour being completely matte and somewhat sheer - I've needed to layer it a couple of times for a striking look.  For super natural, no makeup makeup, it's great for adding a touch of definition to the upper lashline in a single stroke.

The eye crayon end is slightly chubbier than the liner, but only very slightly.  Where the liner is matte, the crayon is gloriously shimmery - not in a glittery or obvious way, but in that lovely semi-metallic sheen way.  You can use this all over the lid, or as a brightening eyeliner.  It works pretty well applied lightly on the lower lashline to make me look a little more awake in the morning.

Swatched heavily, you can see the beauty in these colours - that pink is absolutely gorgeous against green or hazel eyes, and that brown is unusually soft and subtle - a big difference for me, given that my usual eyeliner pairings are all either sooty dark or bright.

The pencil makes for an easy way to get a couple of different eye looks from one product, making it perfect for travel or for holidays.  I did find the crayon side to be a little bit draggy if applying on a primed eyelid, but nothing so draggy as to put my off the product.  It is an expensive bit of kit, which I suspect would be easily dupable on the high street - but I always think you're paying more for the beautiful, whimsical packaging with Paul & Joe.

You'll find Fiji, and its more colourful friends, at BeautyBay, where they cost £22 each.

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