Thursday, 22 August 2013

Surprisingly Good: L'Oreal Ever Riche Perfect Elixir Spray Masque Spray

When this golden bottle arrived on my doorstep, I was pretty cynical about it.  Why, I wondered, would you want a spray hair mask, when it's so easy to just pick up a dollop in your fingers and smoosh it into your midlengths and ends?  Surely this is just a gimmick?

Turns out that it's not a gimmick, and it has an advantage over dolloping masks willy nilly on your noggin.  It's virtually impossible to overapply, thanks to the light yet still hydrating mist produced by the spray nozzle.  Spritzed into the hair after shampoo and conditioner (or just shampoo if the hair is fine or oily), it makes detangling a doddle and hydrates the hair beautifully without weighing it down.  Easy to rinse out too.  It's gone from being a product I didn't really see the point in to being a bit of a staple in the shower for when I want some lovely moisture without heaviness.

Find it at Boots for a mere £6.99.

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