Thursday, 8 August 2013

Self-sharpening eyeliner! Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner

Smashbox have come up with a more-or-less ingenious new way of packaging eyeliner. From the outside, the new Always Sharp liners don't look especially earth-shattering. The clever bit is that they are - as the name implies - always sharp, whenever you use them. The mechanism is surprisingly simple, too.

The liner is of the twist-up type, rather than a pencil. The "lead" is encased in a plastic nib. Inside the lid there's a tiny inverted cone-shaped bit that sort of squinches the tip of the liner into a perfect conical point whenever you close the liner and twist the cap. 

It sounds a bit like it might break the tip off, but because there's only ever a very small length of liner protruding out of the nib, and because the texture isn't too hard or brittle, it works a treat.

Also... you can't twist it up to dispense more liner - this happens automatically when you twist the lid closed, so you can't end up in that fateful situation of twisting up your liner to see how much their is, and then realising it doesn't actually retract. Come on, we've all been there.

There will be 8 shades of Always Sharp, all of them waterproof - they are smudge-and-set liners, 24/7 style. There's your basic matte shades, and a couple of fancy colours too, including a vivid metallic bottle green, Cabana.

Full line-up:

Raven (black)
Sumatra (brown)
Storm (smoky grey)
Penny Lane (brown w/shimmer)
French Navy (blue)
Cabana (green)
Violetta (prune)
Bare (nude - this one could work as a micro-fine concealer for some skintones)

I tried Raven (black) and Storm (smoky grey), both of which are good basic workhorse liners. Raven is a tiny bit on the draggy side for my taste, but Storm I found to be very smooth and creamy.

Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liners will be released on UK Smashbox counters 24 August 2013, costing £16, and will be available from one week before the general release.

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