Monday, 19 August 2013

Review: Eyebrow Shape at Shavata

A few weeks ago I went down to Shavata's new Brow Studio in Knightsbridge, where the lady who brought threading to the UK has set up shop alone, expanding from her concession in Harrods.  Most of her customers have simply moved with her, she tells me, and given the state of my brows when I left, I can understand why.

First off - the photo above is a computer rendering, not a photo, as Shavata hasn't yet had professional photos taken, the new studio being only a month old.  Inside, it does look similar to the rendering above, but not exactly the same - the colours aren't quite so striking, and there aren't quite as many embellishments and illustrations on the walls.  There are, however, plenty of eyebrow related quotes - my favourite is "eyebrows are sisters, not twins".  Very true.  Rather strangely for an upmarket beauty salon, the music played was all courtesy of a London radio station, traffic news and all.

Anyway, on to my brows.

This is a photo I took for a mascara review a few weeks ago.  My brows are growing in a bit, a little untidy, but not too bad.  Or so I thought.

This is a photo I took for another mascara review shortly after my Shavata brow shape.  Much, much better eh?  The brows are completely clean with no straggly hairs, and whilst the overall thickness has been maintained, my brows are a lot less heavy towards the inner corner of my eye.  I like, very very much.

Unfortunately the process of getting them into this shape wasn't quite so enjoyable.  One of Shavata's specially trained staff spent a short while trying to convince me to tint my brows dark brown (which I found strange, given that I walked in with my brows coloured auburn as they always are), and then moved on to discussing the shape when I refused a tint.  After agreeing to keep the thickness but generally tidy and streamline, she whipped out her cotton and began threading.

It was agony.  AGONY I tell you.

She told me repeatedly that it hurts more the first time, but I've had my eyebrows threaded regularly for quite some time now, and I've never experienced such a painful treatment.  The cotton broke several times, such was the force of it, and my eyebrows were red and angry afterwards.  And I actually cried out a couple of times - granted, I am an absolute wuss when it comes to eyebrow threading, but it was much, MUCH more painful than usual.

So, overall impression?  Incredibly good eyebrow shape, but at the cost of a fair bit of cash (£25) and a fair bit of pain.  Worth it for the results, but I think I'll go back to my usual place for maintenance of my new shape.  

Disclosure: Treatment provided free of charge for review.  

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  1. I had a really bad experience with Shavata - she was 25 minutes late and did not bother apologising, and was then rude and arrogant throughout. The shape was mediocre - I've had much better - and the following day I had small cuts all round my eyebrows. Never again.

  2. I have had a terrible experience with Shavata. I went to the Beauchamp Place studios last week for eyelash extensions and the product they used has led to burning in my eyes. Over a week later and I am still in pain and have been diagnosed by an ophthalmologist as having dry eyes as a result. I have complained to Shavata and received an extremely rude response, with absolutely no apology. I paid £150 for this awful experience and am now telling everyone to be aware of this company - they are awful!!

  3. I went to Shavata at Urban retreat in Harrods.The lady at the reception was rude and left me with a ticket in my hand sitting in a sofa,telling me someone will come for me.After being there waiting almost half an hour from my appoimtmemt time,amd after going twice to ask to the receptionist...i left the place without having my eyebrows done.The eyebrow lady kept taking other customers before me which it was very rude.I will never again go there.I thought Harross would have a better customer service...very dissapointed with the Urban retreat at Harrods


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